About Us

     WYO Timing was started and continues to be operated by a family team organizing races in Wyoming. The founding members of the WYO Timing team have been in the race organization and timing business for thirty plus years! We quickly learned the key to managing races requires great organization and attention to detail. WYO Timing was proud to report extremely accurate results by using clocks, tear-away bibs, Race Director software, or any other method available to us. Over many years of race management, we had the old way of timing down to a science. However, we were eager to learn more about the modern RFID technology that was taking over the industry. After researching all of our options of chip timing systems, we chose Jaguar because it is quite simply the most superior chip timing system in the industry. Jaguar uses overhead and side antennas so there are no hazardous mats or ramps to worry about. Jaguar technology can read the chip on a runner's bib well before the finish line and continues to zero in on the chip to record the precise moment the runner crosses the finish line. The computer software operating the system will provide real-time results and reports, scrolling result displays, SMS text messages, real-time on-line results, and printed paper reports for results boards and award ceremonies. Innovative Timing Systems (the company who manufactures Jaguar timing systems) is the leader in the RFID chip timing industry and will continue to advance the technology of chip timing ahead of competitors. WYO Timing will work hand in hand with you and your race committee to provide service excellence, precise results with no delay, and many other cutting edge options that will make your event a huge success and literally wow your participants!